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Mythical Forest, Room Spray 100 ml: An Immersion in the Mysteries of the Forest

Enter the enchanted world of Forêt Mythique, a room spray that takes you into a dense and magical forest. This perfume is inspired by the legends of Brocéliande, awakening your senses with its vegetal freshness and woody notes.

The fragrance opens with top notes of lemon peel and stem green, followed by a heart of green tea and magnolia, and ends with base notes of orchid and mate. A blend that resonates like a hymn to nature and its secrets.

Made in France, with a glass bottle and recyclable components, this 100ml spray is a celebration of craftsmanship and sustainability.

Spray this fragrance to create a serene and inspiring atmosphere, reminiscent of a walk in a mysterious and invigorating forest.

Let Forêt Mythique transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and wonder.

Vegetable Alcohol

Contains: GALAXOLIDE, NEROLIDOL, LINALYL ACETATE. Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not swallow. In case of contact with skin: wash with plenty of soap and water. Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Avoid release into the environment.

Olfactory Family: Floral Green

Top notes: Lemon Peel, Stem Green

Heart notes: Green Tea, Magnolia

Base notes: Orchid, Mate


Enchanting Immersion in Nature with the Mythical Forest Vaporizer

Let yourself be transported to the heart of a mystical forest with the “Mythical Forest Spray 100 ml” from Balamata. This home fragrance is a celebration of wild and captivating nature, blending notes of lemon peel and green tea with the floral aura of magnolia. Each spray is an invitation to explore wooded paths, enveloped in orchid and mate, evoking the essence of an ancient and legendary forest. Made in France with high quality, environmentally friendly components, this spray will transform your space into a haven of natural peace.

  • Made in France 🇫🇷
  • Long-lasting scent ⏱️
  • Homemade
  • Made in France 🇫🇷
  • Long-lasting scent ⏱️
  • Homemade
  • Made in France 🇫🇷
  • Long-lasting scent ⏱️
  • Homemade
  • Made in France 🇫🇷
  • Long-lasting scent ⏱️
  • Homemade

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Escape to the Mythical Forest: a Unique Olfactory Journey

Enjoy a unique sensory experience with Balamata's "Mythical Forest" spray, a home fragrance that evokes the mysteries of a dense and distant forest. Each spray releases deep aromas of green tea and lemon, intertwining with the finesse of magnolia and the richness of orchid. Ideal for those looking to recreate the serene and invigorating atmosphere of ancient woods, this spray brings a breath of nature into your living space. Made with quality natural ingredients, it's a great escape in the comfort of your home.

Frequently asked questions

What makes the “Forêt Mythique” perfume unique?

The “Forêt Mythique” fragrance is inspired by the legends of Brocéliande, combining top notes of lemon peel and stem green, a heart of green tea and magnolia, and a base of orchid and mate.

What are the advantages of a room spray like “Forêt Mythique”?

This room spray offers a practical method to quickly scent your home, while creating a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

How to best use the “Mythical Forest” vaporizer for maximum effectiveness?

For optimal diffusion, spray the perfume into the air, avoiding direct surfaces. One or two sprays are enough to perfume a room.

What are the ingredients of the “Mythical Forest” spray?

The spray is made in France with highly fragrant natural ingredients such as lemon peel, stem green, green tea, magnolia, orchid and mate.

Is the “Mythical Forest” spray environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is made with recyclable components and a glass bottle, respecting sustainability.

How long does the “Mythical Forest” perfume last once sprayed?

The duration of the fragrance varies depending on the amount used and the size of the room, but it is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance.

Is this fragrance suitable for all indoor spaces?

Yes, “Mythical Forest” is suitable for scenting various spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even bathrooms.


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