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Take care of your eyes and relax with the Eye Massager! Relieves eye fatigue, reduces puffiness and dark circles, enhances the eye contour, soothes headaches, reduces stress and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Localized action around the eyes and temples
PREMIUM massager: efficiency, comfort and elegance with luxury finishes
5 massage modes / 3 sound ambiances / Bluetooth
Adapts to all face shapes
30-day money-back guarantee!

Harsh lights, computer or laptop screens: our eyes are overworked day after day!
Result: dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, dull complexion, not to mention dark circles and bags under the eyes...

Thanks to his targeted action around the eyes and temples , the Eye Massager Climsom Zen eye massager provides ultra relaxing effect to relieve eye fatigue and headaches, improve the quality of your sleep while taking care of your eye area.

And, the icing on the cake, a session with this massager is a pure moment of relaxation and happiness!
Laura Tanguy, former Miss France, has also tested the Climsom Zen Eye Massager and can confirm it:


5 massage modes: which one will be your favorite?


Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be carried away from the worries of everyday life! The Eye Massager offers you 5 massage modes combining air pressure massage, heat diffusion massage and vibration massage:

Invigorating massage to get going again : massage using air pressure, heat and vibration (mode 1, the default mode)
Beauty massage to take care of the eye area : massage by air pressure and heat (mode 2)
Treatment massage to relieve the eyes : massage by air pressure and vibration (mode 3)
Sleep massage to help you fall asleep : diffusion of gentle heat (mode 4)
Let go massage to relax : air pressure massage (mode 5)

Create a musical atmosphere that suits you


Seaside, natural or Zen atmosphere: you choose! The Eye Massager includes  3 soundscapes  to promote relaxation and escape during your massage. Would you prefer to be massaged without music? Nothing could be easier: just deactivate the soundscapes.

You can also listen to your favorite music thanks to the bluetooth function : your music will then be broadcast during your massage thanks to the integrated speakers.

Take it everywhere with you

The Eye Massager is ideal for relaxing wherever you want: at home, in the office, in a park... Take it anywhere with you when you travel.
It has a battery life of 2 hours (the equivalent of 8 massage sessions!) thanks to its rechargeable battery.

It is also foldable to 180°C, which makes it easy to carry.
Without a wire or bulky remote control but with elegant and easy-to-access buttons during the session.

A superior quality design for a durable device

Behind the marketing speeches of many sites, a good way to spot the low quality of products is to look at their level of finish... The Climsom Zen Eye Massager guarantees you efficiency, comfort and elegance thanks to its careful and durable finishes.

With its neutral colors that invite relaxation, the Eye Massager offers an elegant and ergonomic design. The interior surface (the one directly in contact with your eyes) is made of imitation leather, a comfortable, breathable and easily cleanable material.

Simple and intuitive, the Eye Massager has only 3 control buttons : 1 first to turn on the device and choose the desired massage mode, 1 second to choose its sound environment and 1 third to adjust the volume. A voice and a control screen assist you in its use.

The Eye Massager adapts to all body types thanks to its adjustable elastic strap and its customizable opening and closing degree depending on the curvature of your face.

High technology for relaxation!
- integrated heating pads diffusing beneficial heat between 38° and 42°C
- 6 intelligent circulation massage airbags with a pressure of 60 kilopascals
- vibration massage to target the reflex zones around the eyes and temples

Delivered in its storage box with instructions in French and English and a USB charging cable.


Eye massager - Climsom

Relieve Eye Fatigue with Climsom Zen Eye Massager

In this age of bright lights and omnipresent screens, eye health is more important than ever. Eye Massager Climsom Zen offers an innovative solution to combat dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, as well as dark circles and bags under the eyes. Discover how this eye massager effectively targets the eye area and temples, providing deep relaxation and improving your sleep quality. Approved by Laura Tanguy, ex Miss France, Eye Massager Climsom Zen is more than a well-being device, it is an unrivaled relaxation experience for your eyes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Climsom Eye Massager?

The Climsom Eye Massager is a device designed to offer a relaxing massage around the eyes and temples, with different massage, sound and thermal treatment modalities.

What are its main characteristics?

The massager weighs approximately 0.83 lbs, charges via micro-USB, has a 1,100mAh battery, offers voice prompts for mode, and allows music playback via Bluetooth.

How does it work ?

It has five operating modes: Eye Care, Active, Soothing, Relaxation, and Sleep Mode, using airbags that infuse and deflate to massage.

Is the massager easy to use?

Yes, it's designed to be user-friendly with an adjustable headband, soft interior, and simple controls located on the side.

What are the benefits of using it?

It helps relieve eye fatigue, promotes relaxation, improves sleep quality, and provides a soothing massage and heat experience.

Are there any precautions for use?

Yes, it is important to follow the instructions in the user manual for safe and effective use.

Where can you buy the Climsom Eye Massager?

It is available for sale online. Please check sales sites for current prices and offers.

What is the feedback from users?

Users generally appreciate the pleasant massage, built-in relaxation sounds, and varied selection of modes.


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