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Organic essential oil - Savory - 5ml - BIOTOPE des Montagnes

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A concentrate of natural benefits

Natural power and versatility: Mountain savory, renowned for its major anti-infectious properties, is a treasure of nature encapsulated in this essential oil. With active components such as carvacrol and thymol, it offers strong defensive activity against various pathogens.

Environmentally friendly: Extracted from organically grown plants, this essential oil aligns with an ecological and sustainable approach. Its production in the mountains preserves the integrity of natural components, reflecting a commitment to quality and the environment.

Aromatherapeutic Benefits: In aromatherapy, savory essential oil is appreciated for its tonic and immune-stimulating properties. Its spicy and peppery scent makes it an excellent choice for revitalizing the mind and purifying indoor air.

Directions for use: Used in diffusion or diluted in a vegetable oil for a massage, this oil brings relaxation and well-being. It is also recognized for its action on certain pains, particularly joint pain, thanks to its active components.

Precautions for use: As with any essential oil, savory should be used with caution. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and must be widely diluted if applied to the skin.

This organic savory essential oil from Biotope des Montagnes is a real concentrate of natural benefits, ideal for those looking to integrate the virtues of plants into their care and well-being routine.

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