Divine Marquise Linen Perfume 75 ml by Mathilde M. - A Luxury Veil For Your Laundry

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Sensual Elegance: Discover the exquisite scent of Divine Marquise, a seductive blend of pralines and an oriental accord of amber and patchouli, offering a rich and deep fragrance. This is the essence of elegance for your laundry.

Olfactory Pyramid:

  • Top notes: Bergamot
  • Heart notes: Ylang and Praline
  • Base notes: Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

Delicate Laundry Formula: Designed to be non-staining and gentle on all types of fabrics, this linen scent is ideal for sheets, pillows, curtains, clothing, and more. Its light alcohol formula ensures safe application.

A Refined Design: Presented in an elegant ribbed glass bottle with a cap inspired by traditional perfumery, it will be sure to beautify your living space while diffusing its fragrance.

The Divine Marquise Linen Perfume by Mathilde M. transforms your laundry into a showcase of elegant and captivating scents.

Contains: Ethanol (74% Vol); Scent ; Benzyl Salicylate; Linalool.

Top note: Bergamot

Heart Note: Ylang, praline

Base note: Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla


Divine Marquise Linen Perfume 75ml

Luxurious Fragrance for Textiles

Discover luxury and elegance with the Divine Marquise Linen Perfume 75 ml from Mathilde M. This exquisite linen perfume is perfect for refreshing your textiles and giving them a touch of sophistication. With its captivating notes of vanilla and precious woods, this linen fragrance is a must-have for those who want to add a little glamor to their everyday life.

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Features :

  1. Enchanting Fragrance: Divine Marquise is a captivating blend of vanilla, precious woods, and spices, offering a rich and sensual olfactory experience.
  2. Versatility: Use this scent on your sheets, curtains, towels, or other textiles to freshen them and give them a luxurious, lingering scent.
  3. Long Lasting: This linen perfume offers a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring that your textiles remain pleasantly scented between washes.
  4. Elegant Design: The bottle is sophisticated and elegant, reflecting the chic style of the Mathilde M. brand, perfect for your home or as a gift.
  5. Made in France: This high quality product is made in France, guaranteeing
    exceptional olfactory experience and premium quality ingredients.

Use :

Spray this linen perfume on your textiles to imbue them with a captivating fragrance. It's a great way to refresh your sheets or scent your wardrobe, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your everyday life.

Frequently asked questions

What is the composition of the “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume?

The “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume is composed of a subtle blend of floral and oriental notes. Its delicate top notes include accords of bergamot and red fruits, while its heart notes reveal nuances of rose, jasmine and violet. Base notes of patchouli, musk and vanilla add a touch of sophistication to this captivating fragrance.

How to use the “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume?

To fully enjoy this fragrance, simply spray the “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume lightly on your favorite textiles, such as sheets, pillows, curtains or even your clothes. Be sure to maintain a distance of approximately 20 to 30 cm and avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.

How long does perfume last on textiles?

The “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume leaves a delicate scented veil on your textiles which lasts for several days, offering a feeling of freshness and elegance to your interior.

Is “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume tested on animals?

No, Mathilde M. is committed to producing animal-friendly products. The “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume as well as all the brand’s other products are not tested on animals.

Can I use this Linen Perfume as a room fragrance?

Absolutely ! In addition to scenting your textiles, the "Divine Marquise" Linen Perfume can also be used to create a fragrant atmosphere in your home. Spray it generously in the air to diffuse its captivating scent throughout the room.

What is the capacity of the “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume bottle?

The “Divine Marquise” Linen Perfume is available in a 75 ml bottle, perfect for daily use or to give as a gift to your loved ones.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rice Powder Fragrance: A subtle and elegant fragrance, perfect for a feeling of comfort and well-being.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for small spaces, adding a delicate, continuous scent.
  • Long Lasting: Enjoy a lingering fragrance that awakens the senses.
  • Charming Design: An elegantly decorated bag, which fits harmoniously into your decor.
  • Quality Mathilde M.: A brand synonymous with excellence in interior perfumery.

Recommended Use:
Place this sachet in your wardrobe or drawer to wrap your textiles in a delicate scent. Use multiple sachets to scent larger spaces.

Mathilde M.’s Expertise:
Mathilde M. is renowned for her refined perfume creations, combining tradition and modernity. Their Rice Powder Scented Sachet reflects this heritage, enriching your daily life with delicate fragrances.