Men's Sleep'n Beauty Silk Pillowcase Gift Set

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Sleep'n Beauty Silk Pillowcase for Men: For a Revitalizing Night

  • Limits Hair Loss: The premium silk design of this pillowcase helps reduce friction, a key factor in hair loss. By minimizing damage to hair during sleep, it helps prevent baldness, providing a natural and effortless solution to maintaining dense, healthy hair.
  • Fights the Signs of Aging: Sleeping on this silk pillowcase is an anti-aging gesture for your skin. It helps fight against fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to its natural anti-aging properties. Silk, soft and smooth, reduces friction which can contribute to skin aging.
  • Optimal Hydration: Its unique composition helps maintain the skin's natural hydration, thus providing continuous hydration throughout the night. Ideal for those who suffer from dry skin, the Sleep'n Beauty Silk Pillowcase passively hydrates your skin, without any additional creams.
  • Acne Prevention: Thanks to its hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial properties, this pillowcase is a valuable ally in the regulation of acne. It provides a clean and healthy environment for your skin, reducing inflammation and breakouts.
  • Oeko-Tex label: Certified by the Oeko-Tex label, this silk pillowcase guarantees production without harmful substances, respectful of your health and the environment.
Investing in the Sleep'n Beauty silk pillowcase means choosing a complete night treatment for revitalized skin and hair when you wake up.

The Sleep'n Beauty SnB for Men Silk Pillowcase is specially designed to meet the specific needs of men's skin and hair, providing a practical and luxurious solution to integrating self-care into your daily sleep routine. men's silk pillowcase

Exceptional Features for Men:

  • Baldness Prevention: The extreme softness of silk reduces friction and tension on the hair and scalp, helping to prevent hair loss and baldness.
  • Optimal Hydration: Unlike absorbent materials like cotton, silk preserves the natural hydration of the skin and hair, preventing dryness and dandruff.
  • Beard Care: Ideal for those who wear a beard, it reduces breakage and ingrown hairs, leaving your beard soft and silky.
  • Post-Shave Soothing: The silk cover provides relief after shaving, preventing irritation and redness.
  • Effortless Skincare: No need for expensive night creams or complicated routines; sleeping on this silk pillowcase ensures continuous care of the skin throughout the night.

Superior Quality and Comfort:

  • 100% Mulberry Silk: Made from pure silk, without dyes or chemicals, guaranteeing a natural and hypoallergenic product.
  • Oeko-Tex label: Certification ensuring the absence of harmful substances, for healthy and safe sleep.

Available Sizes:

  • Square pillowcase (65 x 65 cm)
  • Rectangular pillowcase (50 x 75 cm)

Choose the Sleep'n Beauty SnB for Men Silk Pillowcase for a revitalizing night's sleep and wake up with visibly improved skin and hair.

Caring for your Sleep'n Beauty SnB for Men silk pillowcase is essential to maintain its quality and benefits. Here are some key tips for caring for your silk pillowcase:

Machine Maintenance:

  • Use a Protective Net: Place the pillowcase in a protective net (recommended but not required).
  • Delicate program: Wash at 30°C with a program for silk or delicate fabrics.
  • Gentle Spin: Avoid spinning or opt for a very gentle spin.
  • Natural Drying: Use a towel to absorb excess water, then let air dry, avoiding tumble drying and direct exposure to sunlight.

Hand washing :

  • Warm Water: Fill a basin with water at 30°C and add a mild detergent for silk.
  • Soaking: Allow the pillowcase to soak for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Gentle Rinse: Rinse the pillowcase in lukewarm water and absorb excess water with a towel without rubbing or wringing the silk.
  • Air Dry: Hang the pillowcase to dry naturally.

Absolutely Avoid:

  • No Chemicals: Never spray perfume or deodorant directly on silk.
  • Avoid Bleaches: Do not use bleaches when washing.
  • Sun Protection: Avoid leaving silk exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
  • Ironing on the Reverse: Iron the silk at a temperature between 110°C and 150°C, always on the reverse side of the fabric.
  • No Spin: Never twist the cover to wring it out.

By following these instructions, you will preserve the softness, quality and beneficial properties of your silk pillowcase, ensuring a luxurious and pampered sleeping experience for a long time.

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Customer Reviews Sleep'n Beauty Men's Gift Sets Pillowcase

 Essential filed on 01/07/2021 by Mimi

I've made the silk pillowcase an essential part of my nighttime routine. Not only does it take care of my skin and hair, but it also offers unparalleled comfort. My loved ones, to whom I offered this pillowcase, share my enthusiasm. No more marks when you wake up and hair protected from excess sebum. A highly recommended product for everyone who cherishes their sleep and beauty.

 More beautiful skin! filed on 05/23/2019 by Magalie

My recent order of two silk pillowcases has already started to show its benefits. Even if it's too early to notice significant changes in my hair, the positive impact on the quality of my skin is already visible. The softness and purity of silk has transformed my sleeping experience, and I can't wait to discover other long-term benefits. Now it's time for me to complete this experience with a new pillow of similar quality!

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