Snowballs Men's Refreshing Boxer Shorts

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Discover a revolutionary way to improve male fertility and naturally boost testosterone: special fertility cooling underwear. Designed to stimulate testosterone production through targeted cooling of the scrotum, this unique underwear also promotes libido.

Product Features :

  • Improvement of male fertility : Thanks to the localized application of cold, these shorts help to significantly increase testosterone levels and fertility.
  • Natural testosterone boost : Targeted cooling stimulates hormonal production, positively influencing libido.
  • Comfort and natural : Included in the pack, 2 briefs made from organic cotton for maximum comfort and 3 reusable cooling gel pockets, easy to insert and remove.

These cooling boxers are an innovative solution for men looking to naturally improve their fertility and sexual well-being.

men's fertility underwear

The cold at the service of your male fertility: Discover the power of Snowballs underwear. Designed to maintain an optimal temperature of the testicles, these innovative underwear exploit the principle of thermoregulation to naturally boost the production of sperm and testosterone.

How it works ?

  • Targeted thermoregulation : The testicles ideally function at a temperature approximately 1°C lower than that of the body. Our modern clothing and sedentary lifestyle tend to heat up this area, impacting fertility. Snowballs offers the solution with targeted cooling.
  • Natural increase in fertility and testosterone : Studies show that cooling the scrotum can significantly increase testosterone levels and improve fertility. Snowballs briefs incorporate this science for concrete and natural results.
  • Practical and comfortable use : Simply insert the previously frozen SnowWedges gel pockets into the dedicated compartments of the underwear for a 30-minute refreshment. For optimal results, use the briefs with the gels for approximately 2 hours per day.
  • Quality and comfort : The Snowballs pack includes 2 organic cotton underpants and 3 gel pockets, guaranteeing comfort and softness for daily use, with or without the gel pockets.

Opt for a natural, scientifically proven approach to improving your fertility and sexual well-being with Snowballs.

Here are the details of the sizes available for our Snowballs underwear:

  • Size S : for a waist circumference of 74 to 79 cm
  • Size M : for a waist circumference of 81 to 86 cm
  • Size L : for a waist circumference of 89 to 94 cm
  • Size XL : for a waist circumference of 94 to 99 cm

* Snowballs boxer shorts have a close fit.

If in doubt, we advise you to take a size larger than your usual size.

Discover Snowballs, the revolution in men’s health! Our innovative cooling briefs are designed to naturally improve male fertility and stimulate testosterone production. His secret? Targeted cooling of the scrotum, essential for optimal functioning of the testicles.

Snowballs is perfect for men wanting to naturally boost their fertility and sexual well-being, as well as those seeking a comfortable recovery after surgical operations in the genital area. Thanks to its refreshing effect, it provides effective relief from post-operative symptoms.

In addition to improving fertility and testosterone production, Snowballs is also a valuable ally for athletes and people wishing to optimize their physical recovery.

Practical and easy to use, simply insert the SnowWedges gel pockets into the underwear to benefit from soothing freshness for approximately 2 hours a day. Included in the box, you will find 2 comfortable organic cotton briefs and 3 reusable gel bags.

Choose Snowballs for a natural, effective and comfortable solution to boost your male health and well-being.

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Optimize your male well-being with Snowballs briefs, designed for targeted and natural cooling. Here's what you'll receive with every purchase:

  • Two comfortable organic cotton briefs, available in five sizes for a perfect fit: S (74-79 cm), M (81-86 cm), L (89-94 cm), XL (94-99 cm) and XXL ( 101-109 cm). The sober and elegant color, in gray, adapts to all styles.

  • Three pockets of non-toxic gel, blue in color, to provide localized and soothing freshness. For optimal use, place them in the freezer one hour before use, ensuring approximately 30 minutes of refreshing sensation.

  • The "Cool Gentleman's Guide", a practical and informative user manual to get the most out of your Snowballs experience.

  • Easy Care: Snowballs Briefs are machine washable, while SnowWedges Gel Pockets are easily cleaned by hand with soap and water.

Choose Snowballs for a natural and comfortable approach to men's health, whether to improve fertility, libido, or simply to feel fresh and relaxed every day.

Customer Reviews Refreshing Boxer Shorts

 Very practical submitted on 05/03/2023 by Adrien

Very easy to use and very comfortable. Would it be possible to have kits with more briefs but the same number of gels?

 Satisfied filed on 03/29/2023 by Sammy

Very pleasant to wear. Effectively relieves discomfort caused by prolonged sitting and varicocele. However, it would be nice to have more choice of underwear without having to buy additional gels.

 Super filed on 09/09/2022 by Steven

Fantastic product, very practical. It fulfills its function perfectly. Small downside: the pockets only stay cold for 10 minutes, but this is a technical constraint.

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