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Enjoy immediate relief from migraines and headaches with the 'CLIMSOM Migraine' cold gel compress. Its 360° design, with a self-refreshing gel, offers effective anti-inflammatory action. The large gel capacity ensures a prolonged feeling of freshness, ideal for prolonged use. Its soft and stretchy material exerts light pressure on painful areas, guaranteeing optimal comfort. Universal size (head circumference 42 to 66 cm) to fit everyone.

Migraines and headaches are not just annoyances, they represent a real global health issue. Classified by the World Health Organization as one of the most common illnesses and a major cause of disability, migraine affects millions of people. If you suffer from it, it is essential to find a quick and effective solution to relieve this pain. Imagine an immediate, easy-to-use remedy that eases your suffering and allows you to regain control of your life.

The Climsom anti-migraine hat offers an innovative solution to relieve migraines and headaches. Its unique 360° cold gel bag design completely covers the head, adapting to all body shapes for immediate pain relief. Unlike other caps, the Climsom Migraine contains a greater amount of gel, ensuring prolonged and more effective freshness, meeting the needs of those looking for a long-lasting solution to migraines.

Weight and Gel Capacity : A Major Advantage The Climsom anti-migraine hat stands out for its substantial weight of 617g, exceeding the average by almost 100g. This characteristic is not trivial, it testifies to its superior gel capacity, essential for prolonged and effective relief. Choosing the high quality gel is crucial to maximize the cooling effect and durability of the cap.

360° Full Gel Coverage This cap wraps the entire head with evenly distributed gel, providing complete coverage, essential during migraines where pain can arise from any area of ​​the cranium. A design designed for your comfort: the gel is strategically absent from the ears to avoid any inconvenience, thus guaranteeing a soothing experience.

Blackout power:

The Climsom Migraine Hat: Your Ally Against Light Sensitivity Migraines, often accompanied by hypersensitivity to light, find a remedy with the Climsom Migraine hat. Thanks to its specific design, you can cover your eyes for complete darkness, thus relieving pain. A specially designed nose notch allows for a perfect fit, preventing light from entering.

Easy to use :

Simplified Use for Maximum Comfort The Climsom Migraine cap is designed for easy and versatile use. It can be worn on the head or over the eyes depending on your needs. Prepare it for optimal freshness by placing it in its freezer bag, then in the refrigerator or freezer. Additionally, its versatility allows for hot use for other comfort needs.

Comfortable to wear:

Comfort and Adaptability This hat is designed for maximum comfort. Its elastane material makes it soft and flexible, adapting to all body shapes. This feature also provides light but effective pressure, key in relieving migraine pain.

Characteristic Detail
Content Black anti-migraine hat with zipped bag
Weight 617g
Cap dimensions Height: 17 cm, Width: 22 cm, Thickness: 3 cm
Hat color Black
Fabric Elastane
Frost type Medical grade solid gel

Anti-migraine hat, cold gel pocket


Discover the comfort and effectiveness of the Climsom anti-migraine cap, designed to provide rapid and lasting relief to people suffering from migraines and headaches. This unique beanie uses 360° cold gel technology to fully cover the head, providing immediate relief from gentle pressure and cold. Made from soft and stretchy elastane fabric, it is comfortable to wear and adapts to all body shapes.



The Climsom cold anti-migraine mask has been specially designed and designed to relieve headaches and migraines .
It will also offer additional benefits...

Relieves migraines (migraine with or without aura, ophthalmic migraine, etc.) and headaches

Thanks to the intense cold felt when putting the cap on your head, the relief is almost instantaneous .
Indeed, the cold has an analgesic, natural pain-relieving power which will relieve the tension accumulated in the face of pain.
Your tense nerves will relax, which will help the pain disappear.
In addition to being analgesic, cold is a powerful anti-inflammatory . It will then reduce blood flow and local temperature.
It thus limits the inflammatory reaction.
The thermal capacity of the Climsom Migraine hat is one of its strong points. Its self-refreshing gel content is significant, higher than that of other anti-migraine caps you can find.
And it is the quantity and quality of the gel that will give the cap its thermal efficiency . This quantity can be measured by taking the weight of the cap (617g) . The heavier the hat, the more gel there is and the longer the cooling power will last.
The gel used in the Climsom Migraine cap is a so-called “solid” gel of medical quality.


For some migraine sufferers, light pressure on the pain relieves the discomfort they feel.
It's true ! When having a headache, who has not pressed or massaged the painful point?
Thanks to its stretchy elastane material, the anti-migraine cold hat will exert light pressure on the pain and thus help to alleviate it further.
Here again the weight of the hat will contribute to its effectiveness.
This is undoubtedly the strong point of this migraine hat compared to a migraine mask: very pleasant to wear, the effects are felt from the first minute.


Migraine or headache is often accompanied by a particular sensitivity to light. The ideal is then to lie down in the dark and in peace.
The cold cap will allow you to cut off the light by slipping it over your eyes. Its thickness and black color will plunge you into darkness with a slight cold pressure on your eyes. Happiness in the middle of a migraine attack... or to relieve an ophthalmic migraine with or without aura .
The notch at the nose has been specially designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the face and thus prevent light from entering.

Relieves all inflammatory reactions Thanks to the cold, the cap provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It will reduce blood flow and lower local temperature.
It can thus relieve a headache, fever, sunburn, sprain, sinusitis or even sunstroke.

Helps you fall asleep If you have trouble falling asleep, the cold of the anti-migraine cap could help you.
We know that to be able to fall asleep, the brain must lower its temperature by 1°C. What could be better than applying intense cold directly to your head?
This is all the more important when we know that lack of sleep is one of the causes of migraine...
Moreover, equipping yourself with a refreshing pillow could well be complementary for better sleep.

Brings relaxation The cold does indeed have a calming power. If you are stressed or tired, the hat will help you relax and soothe you.

Its plus The Climsom Migraine hat can also be used warm.
The heat will promote good vascularization of the eye areas, ideal in cases of eye fatigue or dry eyes (irritation, dry eyes, infections such as blepharitis, styes and chalazion - place a sterile compress between the cap and the eye in these cases. infection as a hygiene measure).
This heat source will also be useful for relaxing the neck and base of the skull . It is in fact possible to slip the hat over the neck, nape and trapezius.
If you are prone to stress, heat will also prevent tension headaches.


Another advantage, the Climsom Migraine cold cap is very easy to use and very quick to put on!
Small and foldable, it is easily transportable... and takes up very little space in a refrigerator or freezer.

To use it cold
To benefit from the cold of the cap, you can use it directly, the gel contained is self-refreshing.
If you want to benefit from moderate to intense freshness, here is how to proceed:
- For moderate freshness : slip the hat into its freezer bag. You can then place it in your refrigerator and leave it for 20 minutes. It is also possible to leave it there continuously.
- For intense and rapid freshness : slip the cap inside its freezer bag. Then put it in your freezer for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 7 hours.

To use it hot
You can slide it into your microwave (on a plate) and choose a power of 600 Watts for 40 seconds. If you don't find it hot enough, heat it again in 20 second steps until you reach the desired temperature.


Which one to use?

It is not always easy to make a choice when it comes to products with a similar purpose.
We therefore made a comparison between the Climsom Migraine anti-migraine hat and the Headache Hat headband .
They are also complementary: it may be interesting to use both at different times depending on the current need (desired level of intensity, speed of use, customization of the cold, search for specific pressure points, etc.).

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Climsom anti-migraine hat?

It is a therapeutic cap with 360° cold gel technology to relieve migraines.

How does it work to relieve migraines?

It uses cold compression therapy to ease the pain of migraines and headaches.

What is special about the Climsom anti-migraine hat?

It stands out for its large gel capacity for prolonged cooling and lasting relief.

Is the hat comfortable to wear?

Yes, it's made of soft, stretchy spandex for a comfortable fit.

Can it fit all head sizes?

Absolutely, its elastane material allows it to adapt to different head shapes.


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