Magnets for slimming through auriculotherapy

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Discover the gentle method of auriculotherapy with Climsom slimming magnets: a natural approach to regulate your appetite and reduce cravings. This kit includes two high-quality magnets designed specifically to target acupressure points in the ear related to satiety. Accompanied by an elegant magnetic mini-box for easy transport and detailed explanatory instructions, these magnets are your ally for healthy, stress-free weight loss.

Slimming Magnets: The Gentle and Effective Method to Regulate Your Appetite

If you are looking to lose weight without disrupting your daily life and with a natural and gentle method, Slimming Magnets are your ideal solution. Recognized by the WHO for their effectiveness in auriculotherapy, these magnets strategically stimulate a point in your ear to regulate appetite and limit food cravings.

With a simple magnetic pressure, these two magnets attract each other, exerting a targeted action on the point responsible for regulating appetite. This not only helps in controlling overeating but also improves digestion by influencing the nearby stomach point. Use Slimming Magnets for a natural and effective approach to weight management.

High Quality Slimming Magnets with Practical Box

Slimming Magnets offer you an elegant and practical solution to regulate your appetite. These high-quality neodymium magnets, with an elegant gold coating, are the result of the know-how of a specialized factory, recognized in the health and high-tech industries.

For simplified use and storage, each Slimming Magnet kit comes with a mini magnetic box with an integrated mirror. Not only does it make carrying and storing magnets easy, it also serves as a practical display stand. Simply place the magnets on the magnetic cover for quick and easy access.

This multifunctional box doesn't just store your magnets; it can also be used to transport and protect small items like jewelry or pills. With Slimming Magnets, combine efficiency with elegance for natural and pleasant weight management.

Slimming and Controlling Cravings with Slimming Magnets

If you struggle with uncontrolled snacking and small dietary deviations, Slimming Magnets may be your solution. These seemingly harmless habits can have significant repercussions on your long-term health, potentially leading to excess weight, risk of diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

Slimming Magnets intervene by regulating your appetite and alleviating these frustrations. They stimulate the area responsible for controlling appetite and food cravings, helping to feel satiety more quickly.

Tips for Improved Hygiene:

  • Restorative Sleep: Essential for recharging your physical and mental energy.
  • Regular Physical Activity: Burn calories, tone your body and relieve stress.
  • Healthy and Balanced Diet: Choose a diversified diet and hydrate yourself regularly. Treat yourself to small pleasures in a controlled way.
  • Stress Management: Avoid compulsive snacking linked to stress.

By adopting these healthy habits, you optimize the effectiveness of Slimming Magnets and make your body more receptive to this gentle and natural method of weight management.

How to lose weight :

Your Slimming Ally: The Climsom Slimming Magnet Kit

Discover Climsom Slimming Magnets, your ideal companion for a natural and effective slimming approach. In this kit, you will find two magnets of different sizes, a mini magnetic box for easy and secure transport, as well as an explanatory note.

How to use them?

  1. Placement of Magnets: Position the small magnet on the outer part of the ear and the large on the inner part, as illustrated in the instructions.
  2. Two Methods of Use:
    • Method 1: 4 times a day, outside of meals, for 30 minutes. Ideal for soothing cravings.
    • Method 2: 15 minutes before and after main meals.

These magnets become a daily slimming ritual, facilitating appetite control and food regulation.

Frequently asked Questions :

  • Maintenance: Clean your hypoallergenic neodymium magnets with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Lifespan: More than a century, reusable and shareable.
  • Sensations: Slight warming, tingling or feeling of cold may occur, a sign of effective stimulation of the acupressure point. If discomfort occurs, reduce the time of use.

Increase your Chances of Success: To maximize the effects of magnets, combine a relaxing routine: walks, meditation, and consider using an acupressure mat for additional relaxation. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to support your slimming journey.

Product Features :

  • Contents: 2 magnets (one large and one small), mini magnetic carrying case, instructions for use.
  • Magnet Type: High quality Neodymium.
  • Coating: Gold, hypoallergenic.

With Climsom Slimming Magnets, engage in a gentle and natural approach to manage your weight and improve your well-being.

Customer Reviews of Slimming Magnets.

filed on 01/11/2023 by marie-christine

It really works, when I wear them I no longer want to snack!


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